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All aspects of residential, commercial and industrial concreting

As concreting and excavation specialists, KMA Concrete Constructions offers a range of speciality concreting services. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your project runs smoothly from the outset, regardless of the type of concreting you require.

From designing simple projects through to renovating your home or developing a commercial site, we’ll guide you through the maze of Council and legal requirements while offering ideas and inspiration.

Importantly, we take pride in our work and will always give you our very best service.

House and shed concrete slabs

KMA Concrete Constructions is one of the leading concrete slab contractors in Penrith, Sydney. We work closely with you, the homeowner, but also your building, architect and engineer to ensure we meet your specific project needs. Our focus is on creating a strong and durable slab.

Excavation and site preparation

KMA Concrete Constructions is Sydney’s leading excavation specialist in cut and fill earthworks for residential, commercial and industrial developments.

We know exactly what it takes to lay a good concrete foundation, and we also know the risks when the site isn’t prepared correctly. With KMA you’ll minimise risk, ensuring that the same team that excavates your old site lays the foundation for your new one.

Concrete pumping

Our reliable concrete pumping is completed with no mess and no fuss. KMA combines our state-of-the-art machinery with extensive capabilities in large-scale pumping and pours.

From house slabs, block fill, underpinning and bored piers through to foundations, piers and footings, we have the team, the processes and the equipment to provide concrete pumping services that are headache-free.

Industrial and commercial concreting

Commercial and industrial concrete flooring structures are very different from residential ones. Commercial floorings, such as ground slabs for schools, retail outlets or shopping centres, have a high exposure to traffic. Industrial floorings, such as that used in factories and commercial units, often bear the weight of heavy machinery.

We recognise that large commercial structures and factories require more durability and strength than smaller ones, which is why we are one of the most sought-after providers of commercial and industrial concrete flooring.

Tilt panels 

Tilt panels can be used in a variety of ways. Regardless of what you need, KMA Concrete Constructions can cast your tilt panels to your required size, shape and thickness before transporting them onsite when you need them.

Plain and coloured concrete

Enjoy the versatility of concrete and choose your own colour, texture and finishes. We can work with your designer, or collaborate with you to develop a custom finish to suit your home or office.

Concreting for Council

KMA Concrete Constructions is the concreter of choice for a number of local Councils.

We recognise the challenges that come with each site, particularly where we may face restricted access, and undertake pre-project site inspections to ensure we arrive on site fully prepared and with the right equipment to minimise disruption.

Concreting for Schools

As the preferred provider to a number of local schools, KMA Concrete Constructions provides flexible services that work around the core needs of the school.

We understand that school environments are incredibly busy for a large portion of the day, and so we work closely with both public and private school clients to schedule around their most busy periods.

We focus on the safety of students, teachers and visitors, while also limiting any disruption that may occur.

Concrete Driveways and Pathways

A concrete driveway or pathway can enhance the value, look and usability of your home, while also providing the benefits of low maintenance, durability and cost-effectiveness.


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