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Concrete Around House

Posted on: January 9th, 2023 by amity No Comments

The foundation you select for your house should be adapted to the soil and structure. Most sites only actually need a shallow foundation, but a deep one is necessary if the soil is of poor quality or if you are building a large house. At KMA Concrete Foundations, we provide a range of concrete around house services.

Types of Concrete Slabs

Let’s take a look at the most common varieties of sub-basements. Since it will serve as the base for your new home, the slab is an essential component.

1. Concrete Slab Foundation

A concrete slab is poured and serves as the base for your new home, a method that is both simple and widely used. The slab’s thickness ranges from 10 to 20 centimetres, and it typically includes steel rods/mesh framework for the concrete mix to reduce the likelihood of faults and cracks.

The low price is a significant benefit of concrete slab foundations. You can build on them quickly and at a low cost. Subfloor joists are unnecessary for structural support.

2. Floating Concrete Slab Foundation

No foundations are needed for a floating slab. The foundation shifts freely as the soil expands and contracts due to temperature changes. Floating slabs are a frequent garage floor option. While floating slabs are another low-cost foundation option, they might lead to expensive plumbing repairs if they aren’t properly supported.

However, these slabs work well in our milder environment, as they bend less than they would in a place with more significant temperature swings. They also contribute to the home’s cooling system by allowing cooler air to rise through the slab and be distributed throughout the structure.

3. Suspended Concrete Slabs

Slabs are suspended above the ground to avoid contact with the soil. These slabs are most commonly used to build a home’s second story, although they may also be placed on top of already-built walls to create a ground level.

Spontaneous slabs, such as on the sloping ground, are an excellent alternative where traditional slabs cannot be utilised. They are simple to set up after the houses’ foundations are in place and provide access to previously inaccessible locations under the floors. In addition, these slabs are superior to joists when it comes to dampening sound from above.

The slope of your block and the soil quality will determine which slab is best for your home. Since it will serve as the base for your new home, the slab is an essential component.

Hire a Reliable Concreter Sydney

Every structure you build will need a foundation and what better material than concrete for it? We offer customised concrete around house services based on your specific needs.

Whether you need these services for residential construction or a shed in your yard, we can help. You can message us via this Online Form for more information about our concrete Sydney services, or call KMA Concrete Constructions at 02 9054 3040. We work closely with you during your project and ensure that you get excellent value regardless of the job scope.

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